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Of course you do!

I started Well Red Reviews in July 2020. I wanted to give myself a project I could manage with my work and various medical conditions, but that would continue to challenge me. 

Also the 'current situation/new normal' means I read about 80 books in two months and my best friend was getting bored of my reviews. So here we are!

If you want to know more about me personally...sorry, I'm a bit shy. Here's what I'm happy to share:

I'm a cisgender female 

I love to read

I'm British (and spell accordingly)

Also I'm dyslexic so there will be spelling and grammar errors. Deal with it

Finally this is a hobby project; it's not my profession or my source of income. I'm running it for my pure enjoyment, alongside a full-time job and a chronic illness. 

...If you've read until the end I encourage you to follow my other instagram account @Ducking_Good_Time