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2020: A retrospective

Let’s excuse the obvious – but what a year! This summer is the year I started my blog and bookstagram account, and while they are only modest in followers and readership, it’s given me great pleasure to read and write books and blog posts.

Favourite reads of 2020

Gideon and Harrow the Ninth. I had some issues with the books, but honestly they were an exciting find!

Two Dresden books in one year! I mean, I had some serious issues with them, but it was so exciting to get more Dresden finally!

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. Yassss. I jumped straight on that hype train!

Girl, Woman, Other. Not my usual choice, but a definite must read.

The Raven Boys is on my…hmmmmm…list. But I’m glad I started the series this year.

The Flat Share – my romcom fave of the year.

Uprooted. Yesssss.

Queenie. Again, one that I wasn’t sure about, but one that I was super glad I actually read.

Also you best believe that all of the above has book reviews on this blog!

Least favourite reads

I’m not going to pick any specific books (although I didn’t particularly like Ash Princess, Kingdom of the Wicked or Kingdom of Souls), but probably the biggest thing was my…foray into the depths of reverse harem prison fantasy books, via the free books on offer through Kindle Unlimited. It was a very good job I stopped, because the writing quality was not…always the best.

Looking forward to 2021

There is quite a few books that I really want to read next year, and most of them are already published!

I’ve written the list out, in part so I remember it! I own only a couple of these books, so there will be lots of book purchasing next year (hehe, exciting times).

I do have a tendency to stay within a specific genre (which, I admit, most of the below falls within) and lean towards specific authors and vibes. In 2020 I want to explore and discover more amazing worlds and authors!

Cemetery Boys. Felix Ever After. The Tattooist of Auschwitz. The Kite Runner. The Labyrinth’s Archivist. Ghana Must Go. King of Scars. The Poppy Wars. Children of Blood and Bone. Wild. An Unsafe Haven. Blood and Honey. House of Bastiion. Shine. Convenience Store Woman. The Bone House. Wicked Fox. Spinning Silk. Spin the Dawn. We Hunt the Flame. A Song of Wraith and Ruin. Lore.

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