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Title: Archiesaurus

Author: Su Pheng Lim

Illustrator: Christie Jia-Wen Tan Published: 2020

Publisher: self-published with Lulu

Rating: ****

Genre: Children’s fiction

Always spoiler free.

Well, look at me reviewing a children’s book! This book is really cute and special, so I’m coming to you with a special review.

Archiesaurus is a book about resilience and is for children between the ages of 3-8.

Created and written by Pheng Lim, who has a background in early learning, the story features Archie and Ruby the dinosaur. Together they explore fantastical worlds and learn what it means it be resilient.

As you can tell, it’s kind of the perfect book to help children in 2020/2021.

AND it’s educational. Pheng Lim has included questions and prompts for parents and teachers at the beginning and end of the book for a range of ages to help with reading and comprehension. Double win.

Jia-Wen Tan’s illustrations are also beautiful. Fantastical and whimsical, they match the storyline and bring to life Pheng Lim’s text.

You can buy the book on Amazon or on Lulu.com.


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